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Are you ready for an A+ life: one of chronic happiness, intentional joy, and zero regrets? Then the Gutsy Happiness Club is for you.

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Hi there Gutsy Lady,

You are remarkable. Really! You do so much for everyone around you. You’re a great friend, partner, mother. You are a fabulous colleague and work hard.


There is something missing; a hole in your life. You find yourself dreaming about what could have been, regretting the things you didn’t do and opportunities you didn’t take. You wonder if this is all life has left for you.

You are terrified that one day you will wake up and 20 years have flown by while you’ve been repeating the same day over and over.

You desperately want:

  • To make a difference in the world.
  • Clarity about how to make that difference.
  • Someone to calmly guide you through the whole process and hold you accountable (with love).
  • A safe community of women going through the same things — women with whom you don’t have to pretend everything is perfect all the time.

Some fun. Please! A little bit of fun while you’re doing all this tough work.

The problem is…

you’ve been putting other people’s needs and dreams ahead of your own for so long, you have no idea what is really YOU anymore. Figuring it out feels completely overwhelming.

Maybe you:

  • Think pursuing what makes you happy is selfish
  • Think you’ve reached your allotment of happiness and don’t deserve any more.
  • Have gone through a big life transition (perhaps a divorce, death of a loved one, empty nest or layoff), and now you feel lost and alone.
  • Feel overwhelmed with deciding your next steps, and this is paralyzing you
  • Can’t stop thinking about what you wanted to be as a child and think you’re too old to go for it now.

“Susan’s Gutsy Happiness Project was inspiring and enlightening. Her warm, open leadership created a friendly and comfortable group environment. Her practical exercises and perceptive questions helped me to clarify my dreams, and to realize that with work I can make them happen. I leave her program with practical tools to work with on my own.” — Felise Robinson

Well my friend, I have great news for you:

It’s not too late for you to have whatever your heart desires.
And pursuing it is not selfish.

You are strong and smart and capable of changing your life. And you deserve it. You deserve chronic happiness.

I will help you get it. I am your Sherpa, and it is my passion to guide women just like you on this adventure of reclaiming your purpose and passion. I’ve taken the journey myself, and I know the way. Spoiler alert: it is completely worth every minute.

I have been where you are.

I had a very nice, safe life, but I wasn’t happy. I was doing work that wasn’t aligned with my purpose. The thought of spending the next 20 years writing marketing copy literally made me cry — seriously, I cried every morning. But I had absolutely no idea what to do instead — keep the job and volunteer, quit the job and travel the world, find a new career? Suck it up and just be happy that I had a good marriage and friends?

I was paralyzed.

I felt isolated and alone. Nobody wanted to hear that I was unhappy, least of all me. I didn’t think I deserved more. I thought I’d gotten all the joy in life allotted to me. But underneath, I was so afraid of living another 30 or 40 years feeling that way. That fear finally turned into a pain so great I had to do something. So I found a life coach (actually, a few of them), read a ton of books and attended workshops until I put all the pieces together and realized what would make me truly happy.

Fast forward to today.

Now I wake up every morning excited to be alive.

I get to help people transform their lives! I found my purpose, and doing this work makes me happier than I ever imagined possible.

I want the same thing for you.

Why? Because I truly believe that if every person in the world was living their true purpose and, thus, living in a state of chronic happiness, there would be no more war or hunger or evil. I may not be able to help every single person, but I can help you. And that will cause a ripple because your joy will spread everywhere you go.

There are a lot of tools out there — free resources, books and friends with advice. But I’m offering you more; a magic combination of tools, guidance and a safe community. You can’t get that from webinars or books. Most of the time, you can’t get it from your friends either.

Finding — and living — your purpose is the adventure of a lifetime. I want you to have that adventure.

“After 25 years in the same job, I realized I didn’t want to do what I had been doing. But I had no idea what to do instead. Susan helped me uncover some passions that had been buried, and one that I didn’t realize could be a career! I feel so energized and excited about my life. Thank you, Susan.”—Megan Greathouse

What can you expect from the Gutsy Happiness Club?

Together, we will make some massive mindset shifts, uncover the beliefs that are keeping you stuck and unable to move forward. After that, the real fun begins.

You’ll figure out what really excites you and how you want to spend your precious time. Then we’ll map out a plan to make it happen. A real, step-by-step action plan so that your dream becomes a reality. Along the way, you’ll make some new friends who you can be real with — no Facebook happiness inflation here. Just real women raising each other up.

The first half of the program is all about mentally preparing for this adventure because gutsy happiness is primarily a mental journey. The second half of the program is focused on figuring out what you want and how to get it.

Together we will journey through:

  • Getting yourself unstuck and the beliefs that are causing that for you
  • Identifying your true desires
  • Uncovering and banishing the {very excellent} excuses that are holding you back
  • Exploring what’s available to you
  • Mapping it all out

The cornerstone of this program is the Gutsy Happiness System, 12 weekly modules to work through. Every week:

  • You’ll get a workbook along with instructions about the week’s exercises.
  • A group coaching call where together we’ll talk about the work and what is coming up for you. You’ll be able to ask questions and get answers. (If you want private coaching too, we can discuss that option.)
  • Access to a great community. This supportive group is where the real magic will happen as you share with other women who are going through exactly the same things.

You’ll also get:

  • “Office hours” where Susan is in the Facebook group ready to do some on-the-fly coaching.
  • Full email access to ask questions about the program, your progress or any tech issues that come up.

“I was stuck. My life wasn’t moving in the direction I wanted, but the thought of changing was overwhelming. This program was fun and the exercises were simple but powerful. I realized what I really want AND that I’m not too old to do it! This change won’t happen overnight, but just knowing what to do has energized me and made me happier.” — Mari Canizales Coache

“With two young children and a stressful full-time job, focusing on what I really want, let alone my purpose, is hard. Susan’s program helped me reconnect with my passions and devise a plan that works for me and within the realities of my life right now. By reframing some thoughts, I’ve opened up a whole new world.”—Britney Sweeney

As a bonus, you’ll also get:

  • Tools to help work on the money blocks you may be facing
  • A reading list of my favorite books and Ted Talks
  • How to focus on yourself during the holidays

Don’t Spend Another Day Wondering “What if…”
Act now:

  • Applying for the program starts with a happiness infusion call, which you can schedule by clicking this link.
  • You’ll receive a short questionnaire that asks about what you want to get out of this program (don’t worry — you don’t need details; just your general expectations).
  • I’ll send you a confirmation and reminders so that you don’t miss it!
  • We will talk about what you want, how the program works and decided together if it’s a fit for you.
  • Then, if this is a good fit, you’ll register and receive access to the club website and pre-work.

The Gutsy Happiness Club is not your average “how to find purpose” program. It is an adventure to reclaim passions you have long buried and forgotten. Like any adventure, it’s comprised of two equal parts.

1. Mental
You must have the vision of where you want to go. That means exploring your deepest dreams and desire, figuring out what may be keeping you from going there and visualizing the more joyful and meaningful outcome.

2. Tactical

Self-exploration is amazing in and of itself, but it you want to make your dreams happen, you have to have a road map. You have to know (not guess) what it will take and how you can do it. Spoiler: I believe you can make whatever you want happen, despite money concerns and family obligations. You need a plan though.

Have you ever thought you were alone with your struggles? That feeling of being alone, of not being able to share what is REALLY going on with family and friends is a huge barrier to living an extraordinary life. That is why this is the Gutsy Happiness Club, not the Gutsy Happiness On Your Own. This program offers a community of women asking the exact same questions as you, and struggling with similar (if not identical) issues.

Through a combination of self-study, live coaching calls where you can ask for guidance, and an engaged community of peers, you will find the answers you are looking for. You will no longer need to worry about dying without achieving your dreams.

Living your true purpose takes guts.

The Gutsy Happiness Club is for you if:

  • The thought of dying without doing what you came here to do has you paralyzed.
  • You are ready to make changes in your life, but you feel stuck and overwhelmed with how to move forward.
  • You are tired of doing it alone — or looking for support from family and friends who secretly want you to stay stuck where you are (because that is more comfortable for them).
  • You understand that accountability is just as important as knowing what your goals are and having a plan to reach them. You’re excited about actively participating in the Facebook group because you know the wisdom of a group of women is a powerful, powerful thing.
  • You are so ready to do the work to find out what YOU really want in life, even if it is uncomfortable and hard (and you have to face some truths you’d rather not face).
  • You are a little scared because you aren’t sure you deserve unlimited happiness in your life (you do, and this program will help you see that and then go for it)

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You think your life is good enough as it is, even though you aren’t 100% happy.
  • You’d rather spend your days numbing yourself with food, TV and complaints about how much pain you’re in than in finding concrete ways to get unstuck.
  • You believe you can get all the help you need from books, free resources and friends.
  • You aren’t interested in making connections with other women on the same journey. You hate Facebook groups and never participate (the group is an important part of the program).
  • You want a quick fix. You just want someone to tell you what to do, but you don’t want to dig deep and think too hard or do the work of finding your passions
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself.

You have a choice.

You can stay where you are right now and…

  • Live inside your comfort zone where nothing extraordinary ever happens.
  • Continue surviving your days with the help of food, television, drink, gossip and complaints—the things that numb you from the reality that you’re unhappy.
  • Surround yourself with others who are afraid to choose gutsy happiness so that you feel better about the choices you’re making
  • Wake up in 20 years with regrets because you didn’t do the things you really wanted to do.

You can do this. It’s the normal route, the choice that most people make. If that is what you want your life to look like, then stop reading right now.


Imagine following your gut instincts to take this program and change your life and…

  • Feeling energized and filled with purpose every day.
  • Finding joy in all aspects of life simply because you are living with integrity and purpose.
  • Doing something that matters to YOU and knowing that is the legacy you will leave.
  • Living by example and spreading joy to your loved ones simply by being vibrantly happy yourself.

100% Happiness is your birthright.

You can have it in just three months.

Have questions? I’ve got answers.

Who are the other people in the group?

They are women like you, but also different. The Gutsy Happiness Club is designed for women who are at a stage of life where they realize life has somehow gone off the course they imagined. This is likely for great reasons (like raising a family), but they realize they aren’t fulfilled and want to change that. So, you will meet people with the EXACT same struggles and concerns you face BUT they will come from different backgrounds. That is a great combination for you because you will get different perspectives that can you help find your unique path.

I’m so busy and overwhelmed. How much time is this going to take?

You will get out of this program what you put into it. But it’s designed to be manageable for women who have a lot of demands on their time. Three hours a week is the minimum to do the exercises, attend the coaching call and participate in the Facebook group. Most women will spend five hours a week on this.

Why can’t I just read a book?

You can do that. You can also take advantage of free resources out there. For some women, that will be enough to get them unstuck and moving forward. But if you have done these things and are still looking for answers, then you are not one of those people that can do it alone. Also, doing this work with other people is just more fun!

What exactly is going to happen in this program?

Each week you’re going to receive a workbook that has on average three assignments in it (don’t worry—you’ll also get guidance on what to do with them). This is introspective work that you’ll need to do someplace where you can go deep without interruptions.

We’ll also have a live coaching call where you can bring any questions that come up for you. You’ll submit your question ahead of time, and I’ll address them in the order they came in (you’ll get instructions on when and where to submit questions).

You can access the Facebook group whenever you want. You’ll find real magic happening there, so use the group! I will have Facebook office hours where you can hop on and ask spontaneous questions.

What happens if I can’t keep up with the assignments?

First, I’m going to ask you to really make an effort to move along with the program. The first time you work through the modules, you should do them sequentially because each module is a foundation for the next.

BUT… over the course of three months, inevitably something will happen and you’ll get behind. Don’t worry. This program is not about perfection. It’s about doing the best you can. Do that and you will get results.

You will have access to all the modules and the Facebook group after your first three months are complete. The only thing you won’t have after your three months is email support and the ability to ask questions in the live call (you will still be able to call in for it though).

Do you offer discounts and payment plans?

Yes, to both. If you register for the program during our call, you will receive a fast action discount. If you need to pay in installments, we can do that. We will discuss the options on our call.

Any other questions you have, we can discuss when you apply for the program!

Need to customer service? Happy to help. Contact my team at

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